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Super Bowl: Local businesses expecting to make big money

The countdown begins as the biggest sport event is about to come. Here is the full article on how local businesses expects to earn a lot, thanks to SuperBowl.

The countdown is on to biggest sporting event of the year and local businesses are bracing for huge crowds and big profits.

Football fan Earl Shanley spoke to us about his excitement. “Oh man the Super Bowl is such a big game –it’s amazing. I love Baltimore man I love Ray Lewis and I believe he’s going out with a bang. I don’t believe they can be touched this year,” said Shanley.

At Awful Arthur’s in downtown Roanoke, the manager is planning to offer specials on appetizers and other deals. Sean Demarest says his spot  has become more and more popular with Super Bowl fans.

“In the past, it hasn’t been too busy but in the last few years people have been going crazy over football so we have a party we do in the back for regulars as well as other people,” he said.


Another business enjoying brisk sales is sporting apparel store “Lids” in Valley View Mall. Their Ravens caps are flying off the shelves and they continue to sellout. The store is offering a special pre-Super Bowl hat that the players will be wearing during the media day. It’s has the Super Bowl emblem patch on the side.

An estimated 111-million people will be watching the Super Bowl and all of those eyeballs will translate into big bucks. Advertisers will be forking over more than $4 million for those 30-second spots

Source: WDBJ7 / http://www.wdbj7.com/news/wdbj7-super-bowl-local-businesses-expecting-for-big-20130129,0,2677729.story


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